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Building commercial-grade software is at the core of all we do.

We started out as a software product company in 1997, building anti-money laundering software for the banking industry. With product as our heritage, and with a management team possessing over 100 total years in the software business, you can trust we know what it takes to build configurable, scalable, multi-tenant software that is innovative and that serves a whole market, not just a single customer.

Our Engineering Services:

Digital Readiness Assessment – Architectural

We assess the architecture of your flagship product and its suitability for extension and growth into the digital world of SMAC technologies.

Over 4 short weeks, we evaluate your product’s UI, service orientation, back-end logic, and the scalability of all your existing mobile and cloud offerings to see what parts are well-suited for a digital transformation to utilize the latest social, mobile, analytics and cloud (SMAC) technologies. After making a full assessment, we produce a detailed action plan aimed at giving your business the strategic digital edge you need to compete.

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Tech Rescue

OFS gives your aging flagship product new life by refactoring it with the latest digital technologies to appeal to your modern customers.

We get to know your flagship product, inside and out, and then explore your technology requirements for the future to ensure your new revitalized product will grow as you grow. With that knowledge, we re-design its architecture to utilize cutting-edge social, mobile, analytics and cloud (SMAC) technologies while also preserving the business logic behind your product and all the features and functionalities that made it a success.

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When development of your strategic product is falling behind and you need things done fast, bring in the OFS SWAT team.

We quickly mobilize a team of our digital specialists, who possess the right technology skillsets needed for your project, such as iOS, AngularJS, Azure, etc., and rapidly ramp up to speed. We begin producing valuable deliverables immediately through our effective agile practices, and we do whatever it takes to ensure a successful, quick delivery of your new products to the marketplace.

Time Box POC

We help you quickly prove that your digital product idea is a viable, worthwhile one and that it is technologically feasible.

Take advantage of our broad digital expertise as we craft a Proof-Of-Concept that will be the basis for your newest compelling digital product. Our quick, time-box format is a low-risk way for you to get a working prototype in a matter of weeks at minimal cost. Receive tangible results with which to make key decisions about the digital steps that will launch your business forward.

First Project

We build your new software product from scratch with hard deadlines, without the need for full specifications.

We know you move fast and things change, so our agile development teams are flexible to your changing requirements. We are software experts, highly skilled in building innovative new products in a disciplined team setting, so you can expect to receive a quality product that you will love, and that is delivered on time to meet your goals. See how good we are and how great an impact we can make on the delivery of your critical software initiatives.

Extended Engineering Team

We embed an OFS team inside your organization to act as an extension of your existing product engineering staff.

This team provides long-term development capabilities for both internal and customer-facing software efforts. With an extended engineering team, you get the luxury of retaining valuable team members with hard-to-find skillsets in the latest technologies who are constantly going to work on all your various software initiatives and continuously delivering valuable results to your organization.

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