Testing and Test Automation

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In today's digital world, your software’s quality is also your brand’s reputation.

Entrust your reputation to a partner that can make each of your releases a seamless success. OFS has a large team of QA professionals trained in the latest testing methodologies and tools. We understand just how much you put into your products to pack them full of features and innovations, and we help you properly test them all so you can execute a successful product launch and impress your customers.

Our Testing Services:

Embedded Testing

We provide testing engineers inside of an agile development pod so they can continually test what is built during each sprint.

These testing engineers are experts in agile development methodology. They become a part of the development team’s daily scrum, and their work blends seamlessly into your development cycles. Testing the code early and often allows them to catch small issues quickly during sprints, before they become big problems later on, which streamlines your whole development effort and makes it a truly speedy and agile process.

Test Case Development

We turn a set of user requirements and software design documents into a detailed set of test cases with expected results.

We also interview your developers and your users to understand the full extent, purpose, and usage of your software on both ends. Through our diligent practices and our depth of experience with the best tools, we ensure that your test cases will cover virtually 100% of your user test cases, and we build a complete library of the unit test cases that can be extended so you are ready for the long-term.

Testing - Manual and Automated

We understand the speed of today’s market demands rapid releases of each new version of your apps.

We use the best testing tools and leverage our deep experience to conduct both manual tests to probe for problems and automated tests, as part of an automated build cycle, to catch issues early on in development. We record all defects in a tracking system, analyze the defects, offer possible solutions to you, and retest them when fixed. With our help, you can reduce your end-of-cycle testing period and shrink your release cycle by up to 35%!

Performance Testing

We make sure your software gives quick responses under all load scenarios using market-leading performance testing software.

We test your software under heavy usage, and can identify weaknesses at the limits of database, network and CPU throughput. Our Testing Lab is made up of seasoned professionals with years of experience in both QA and Software Development. We have an optimal testing tool mix of proprietary performance, open-source, and third party tools and offer you our proprietary load infrastructure to give you the best results and keep costs low.

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