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OFS Meets Its Customers' Business Requirements in a New Way

Software has always transformed how organizations do business internally, but the game-changing phenomenon currently taking place is that many organizations now interact with suppliers, partners, and, most importantly, customers, using software - not just packaged software, but their own proprietary software as well. When you add mobile devices to this new product orientation, you create a whole new set of challenges that IT shops must overcome to stay competitive.

The old methods of building custom software no longer work in today's modern, distributed economy. IT shops in large corporations are hiring product development software vendors to meet the new challenges and create value and differentiation for their businesses. These IT departments have found that using product development methodologies is the solution to upgrading their software and driving better global operations and customer interactions.

IT applications are now best designed using many of the same product engineering and management concepts that software companies use to build commercial software products: creating a scalable, multi-tenant architecture based on a long-term product roadmap, doing careful release planning, leveraging agile development methodologies appropriately, and using the latest build and testing tools to shorten the total delivery cycle. Many of these companies are outsourcing this work of customizing their internal applications in order to tap into the expertise used to create commercial software products, because their in-house staff may not have the availability or expertise.

OFS has worked with many companies to address these new requirements and rebuild its custom IT software. Our methods are adapted from those that have worked for our commercial software customers long before. As long as large companies continue to require the same instances of software in different geographies and countries, controls to release and update the same software at different geographical locations, and the ability to release versions of their internal customer software without interruptions to other updates and departments, the need for the innovation that commercial product software methods bring to the enterprise will be a requirement.

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