The desire to explore, master, and compete is in all of us. Harness that reality by interweaving gaming concepts with your software.

Gamification, the application of game design and mechanics to non-game activities, is enticing businesses with its ability to encourage skill development, to influence behaviors, and to enable innovation. Through the use of motivational theory and gaming elements like points, badges, leaderboards, competitions, and quests, OFS designs software that creates an engaging digital experience and incents your user to complete certain desired actions that ultimately drive your revenue.

Our Gamification Services:

Increase Customer Loyalty

We partner with gamification specialists to build clever, engaging software that encourages brand interaction and loyalty.

Our software can gamify all interactions your customers have with you, tracking and rewarding actions like visiting your website or store, viewing products, signing up for an email list, writing a review, making a purchase, posting to social media, and so on—thus encouraging customer engagement and loyalty, and driving your sales.

Improve Employee Productivity

We use the latest in motivational theory to incent your staff to learn, work, and collaborate better and smarter.

Incorporating traditional gaming elements into your software allows OFS to create a work experience that is both entertaining for your employees and effective in encouraging certain actions that will increase their productivity and directly impact your business objectives. Adding in social networking elements helps create an environment of shared success and competition across your entire organization.

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