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Life at OFS

“Keeping our employees happy and motivated is a key component to OFS’s success and our very low turnover rate” - James Walter, CEO India

Our Values – PORI – OFS’s Spark!

The word PORI, meaning “spark” in Tamil, the native language of our staff in Chennai, is the inspiration for our company values. Each letter helps define a core OFS value, which together provide the spark that binds us as a team and makes us successful. PORI is reflected in the work we do with our clients and in the way we treat our employees.

  • P Predictability
  • O Ownership
  • R Receptiveness
  • I Integrity

“The key to our continuing success as an organization is finding and retaining the best talent, and we do that by treating everyone with respect and dignity. We tell our clients, ‘We build software. And trust.’ That mindset permeates our entire organization. You can feel it as soon as you walk in the door.” - Rich Napoli, CEO US

Career Counselling

With today’s demanding business climate and job market, OFS believes that updating new skills and learning new technologies is essential for the growth of the employee and the company. With our qualitative and quantitative training programs, our employees are well-equipped with the necessary knowledge to tackle today’s toughest technology and business problems.

Certifications and Training

We encourage our employees to take external certifications and trainings to keep abreast with the latest technology trends.

Shadow Resources

New members to a project team are brought on first as shadow resources to observe, practice, and learn in order to get fully up to speed and become a confident, contributing member of the team

In-House Fresher Classes

At our development center, we provide world class, state-of-the-art training programs that teach our software engineering methodologies and quality processes to our employees before they begin working on client projects.

Employee Empowerment

OFS empowers employees with the ability to move to different roles and locations in our company, so you have the opportunities to advance your career and round-out your skills and experience.