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ObjectFrontier Software (OFS) Trains 50 More Employees in MEAN Stack Technologies to Keep Up with 2015 Demand

NEWTOWN, PA, Dec. 19, 2014 - Following the significant growth in the use of MEAN Stack technologies that OFS experienced with clients in 2014, the company is pleased to announce it has increased its investment in this technology by training 50 more employees in the MEAN Stack skillset in anticipation of 2015 client demands.

OFS CEO Rich Napoli explained, "Our work utilizing the MEAN Stack was actually the biggest piece of our growth in 2014". The MEAN Stack, consisting of MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and Node.js technologies, is in high demand lately as modern apps rapidly require the benefits these newer technologies offer.

The MEAN Stack is unmatched in its ability to provide massive scalability on deployment in order to handle many users at once, to allow for easy updates and changes in order to respond quickly to constantly changing customer needs, and to improve the testability of the code - all things you want when looking to drive revenue through compelling software today.

OFS has had great success using the MEAN Stack technologies for its customers (For a recent case study, Click here). OFS is also seeing many clients using the MEAN stack within a larger effort to digitally transform their enterprise, building engaging digital products and platforms that respond quickly to real-time customer needs.

With the quick rise in the use of MEAN technologies this year, many firms are scrambling to keep up, as they have found these skillsets to be in short supply, both in-house and from third-parties. OFS is committed to serving this market with its wealth of newly trained employees skilled in every component-MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and Node.js - and as a certified MongoDB partner in 2015.

About OFS: OFS helps clients build innovative software products that drive revenue for their business. OFS uses the latest in social, mobile, cloud and data analytics technologies to build software that is compelling, packed with innovative features, and designed for rapid evolution to propel customers past their competition. Founded in 1997, OFS has a deep heritage of building commercial products for software vendors, which has given them the insight and experience to create impactful software for any business. OFS has over 500 employees spread across its US offices in New Jersey, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Atlanta, and its offshore facility in Chennai, India.